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My experience personal training with Teaira I must say have been one of the absolute best thus far ! When your hear personal training it puts your mind into drill Sargent yelling “ give me 50 push ups” and when your arms give out after ten, them calling you a maggot. Working with her is the complete opposite. Don’t get me wrong she dose push you but only to the levels that she knows your capable of reaching. I love the one on one work out sessions that she offers. It gives her a chance to know me not only as her client but on a more personal level as well. I’m comfortable coming in for a workout not feeling judged with how I look or what I have on. She knows that I’m there to reach a goal and she guides me right to it. I never knew my own strengths before training with her. She truly helped me build my confidence and is continuing to help me get the body of my dreams! #WAISTTALK 👄

Janae Baker

Client Since March 15, 2019

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